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Doctors of Physical Therapy provides on-site Physical Therapy and Injury Prevention Services to companies both locally and nationally. Our on-site and industrial program is second to none. Unlike other programs, we provide our strategic industrial partners a dedicated, licensed physical therapist who provide all services.

We are a strategic partner for:

Our focus is on prevention. Our proven model helps prevent employees from becoming injured. Every workplace injury that comes into our on-site clinic is assessed for causation. From there we work hand-in-hand with EH&S or HR to develop training programs to eliminate the unsafe exposure. Our performance metrics bear this out. Look under the “Metrics” tab for our stats.

We are so confident in our company, model and program, we offer our services through a Guaranteed Cost Program. We don’t nickel and dime our partner companies, you’ll know the cost of our services up front.

No capital investment for the on-site physical therapy clinic. We provide everything necessary to operate a fully functional physical therapy rehab clinic. We need approx. 250sq/ft of space.

We do not use Physical Therapy Assistants (PTA) or Athletic Trainers in the treatment of patients in our on-site clinics. Studies have shown that treatment delivered by a physical therapy assistant resulted in longer treatment times, decrease efficiency, higher utilization of health care, and more likely to be placed in the worse performing group v. the best performing groups. This is critical because a PTA cannot legally progress a plan of care

Insurance companies, self-insured entities and employers with a high deductible program pay the same workers’ compensation fee schedule and PPO rates for physical therapy whether the treatment is rendered by a physical therapy assistant with one year of education, or a doctorate level clinician.

Athletic trainers working for other “onsite physical therapy companies” are only licensed to perform basic sports triage for employees.  Once that athletic trainer is not working with an employee, the problem generally returns.

At Doctors of Physical Therapy Onsite, our therapists look through a different lens to anticipate workplace injuries and stresses based upon the physical demands of each task performed and the strength of the employee. We go beyond basic run of the mill prevention techniques and simply treating symptoms. That’s a band-aid.  We work to identify the underlying causes of an injury and design sustainable solutions to mitigate and eliminate the risk. Our plan of action requires our therapists to gain a deep understanding of each job position, the operating conditions of the job, the physical health and work styles of the employees and the physical requirements needed to perform their job at peak capacity. We then provide technical instruction on form and function to discern, education and eliminate job risk.

We then develop a road map for training, and cultural change that will show measurable reductions in injuries.

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