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average number of PT visits per claim

Why a physical therapist is the right choice

On-site physical therapy

Injury Prevention Programs both as part of our on-site or as a stand-alone program

Industrial Athlete (“IA”) Injury Prevention Program:

The IA training provides a guide to help change the culture toward safe work styles and daily stretching. It is designed to educate employees in proper body mechanics that will not only help avoid injuries, but will help them avoid/reduce neck, back and shoulder pain throughout their life. Team members will not only be given the tools to improve their physical health and performance, but they also receive training to utilize proper body mechanics to avoid future injuries and become a safer worker. Our goal is to improve the team members’ physical abilities, which will improve their endurance, so they work safely.

What it is:

Systematic cultural adjustment targeting line staff focusing on safe body mechanics, job specific stretching, and maximizing proper tool use.

Why it Works:

Long term strategy (cultural change is not quick) Melds health philosophy with corporate and plant strategies Incorporates and enhances current cultural message Uses facility specific materials and facility resources

Tele-screenings to assess non-serious workplace complaints of pain

Job Analysis
Ergonomic Assessments
Job Coaching
Post-Offer Pre-Employment Testing

Physical Therapy After Injury

We provide employees with the highest quality physical therapy delivered by the best therapists, using only the most current, evidenced based methods for treatment. Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy services for the injuried worker must be focused on returning them to work as soon as safely possible. Our therapists strive to educate the patient throughout their treatment plan to aid in the prevention of future injuries. We believe it is important to have a working relationship with the medical provider of the injured worker to advance the patient to full duty as quickly as possible.

Therapists need to know the job demands of a particulat patient for maximum rehab success. Our therapists are highly qualified to make decisions on return to work status, both for light duty and full duty. The longer the employee is off work, the harder it is to get them back to work.

Our business model has always been one-on-one care to our patients. Our clinics do not have a “gym atmosphere”; the focus is per patient, hands-on, customized treatment plans.

We do not use Physical Therapy Assistants (PTA) or Athletic Trainers in the treatment of patients, Studies have shown that treatment delivered by a physical therapy assistant resulted in loner treatment times, decreased efficiency, higher utillization of care, and more likely to be placed in the worse performing group. This is critical because a PTA cannot leagaly progress a plan of care.

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