Average cost per claim reduced from

$12,593 to $2,872

We only hire experienced therapists

We do not utilize athletic trainers

  • We do not utilize athletic trainers or physical therapy assistants.
  • All clients have a dedicated therapist who integrates into the plant to help change the culture.
  • The DPT model only uses true Physical Therapists to administer On-Site programs.

Therapists need to know the job demands of a particular patient for maximum rehab success. Our clinics do not have a “gym atmosphere” the focus is per patient, hands-on, customized treatment. Our therapists work with employees on the line, in the warehouse, doing route rides, interacting with supervisors, managers and trainers.

We only hire experienced physical and occupational therapists who have extensive education in musculoskeletal injuries. Many have earned additional certifications, including Orthopedic Certified Specialist, OCS (only 10% of PT’s hold this credential) and a number of our therapists hold a FAAOMPT, SFMA, CSCS, MTC, CKTP, CIES and more.

Studies have shown that treatment delivered by a physical therapy assistant resulted in longer treatment times, decreased efficiency, higher utilization of care.
This is critical because a PTA cannot legally progress a plan of care.

Doctors of Physical Therapy saves our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on workers’ compensation, healthcare and related costs.

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