reduction in OSHA recordables


average number of PT visits per claim

Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy services for the injured worker must be focused on returning them to work as soon as safely possible. We educate the patient throughout their treatment plan to aid in the prevention of future injuries. We believe it is important to have a working relationship with the medical provider of the injured worker to advance the patient to full duty as quickly as possible. Therapists need to know the job demands of a patient for maximum rehab success. Our therapists are highly qualified to make decisions on return-to-work status, both for light duty and full duty. The longer the employee is off work, the harder it is to get them back to work.

Our clinics do not have a “gym atmosphere”; the focus is per patient, hands-on, customized treatment plans. It is the model upon which we built our company and one we steadfastly hold true.

Premier / All-Inclusive On-site Physical Therapy and Prevention Program Includes:

Functional Physical Therapy

One-on-One Care:

One-on-one care = continuity of care = better outcomes.

Evidence Based Treatment Programs:

To help produce the fastest and most effective long-term results

Individualized & Custom Treatment Plans:

The on-site clinician will not have to rely on a written job description, they will be able to witness first-hand the specific tasks employees perform and the therapy functionally based.

First Aid / Triage Assessment and management of early stage complaints of pain.

For employees who have a complaint of pain, minor strain/sprain, the therapist can perform a physical assessment to screen for structural injury and triage the employee accordingly. This service dramatically reduces OSHA recordable claims.

Ergonomic Assessments:

Our clinicians provide on-site ergonomic assessments designed to help create a work environment that enhances safety and efficiency of production yet reduces injuries. When the therapist is not in the clinic treating patients, he/she is on the plant/production floor looking at how employees are performing their tasks, how they are using their everyday tools and looking for potential causes of injuries. These findings are then discussed with management and the safety team.

These services are provided by a musculoskeletal expert, the physical therapist. Physical therapists are able to make PT diagnosis and have a much greater scope of education allowing a solid triage diagnosis. The ATC licensure does not allow them to perform a physical therapy evaluation or a full musculoskeletal diagnosis. The literature shows that besides orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists are the most accurate in diagnosing musculoskeletal injuries. ATCs do not have the education in ergonomics to be able to address opportunities which might present during an early intervention.


Clinic hours of operation remain flexible to meet the demands of the case load. We can be on-site full-time or part-time depending on the case load. Some of our on-sites are 10 hours a week up to 40+ hours a week. We arrange our schedule to ensure we cover all shifts.


We supply, at our expense, all physical therapy equipment necessary to provide a functioning clinic. A fully functional clinic requires apporximately 250sq.ft.

There is a converse value to the number of pieces of equipment in a therapy center, the more equipment used leads to less hands-on therapy, and becomes more like a gym atmosphere as patients are moved from one station to another. Our on-site clinic are designed to provide FUNCTIONAL physical therapy using products, tools and other equipment employees use in their everyday job.

We incur all costs for the on-site clinic equipment. There is no capital investment by the employer!

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