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Injury Prevention

Industrial Athlete (IA) Injury Prevention Program:

IA training can be used as part of Doctors of Physical Therapy’s On-Site program or as a stand-alone plan.

  • This training program is a guide to help change the culture toward safe work styles and daily stretching activities.
  • The IA program is designed to educate employees in proper body mechanics to help avoid injuries, and also helps to avoid or reduce neck, back and shoulder pain throughout their lifetime.
  • Team members will not only be given the tools to improve their physical health and performance, but they also receive training to utilize proper body mechanics to avoid future injuries and become safer workers.
  • DPT’s goal is to improve team members’ physical abilities, which will improve their endurance, so they work safely.

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Prevention must be behaviorally based. In football, linemen do lineman drills, running backs do running back drills, the approach to prevention should be the same. We observe what employees do every day and create training programs specific to the job.

Why the Industrial Athlete (IA) Injury Prevention Program:

  • Our long-term strategy melds health philosophy with corporate and plant strategies.
  • Cultural change is not quick. We are committed to be a part of your team as change can be a long process.
  • We use facility specific materials and facility resources.
  • The DPT model only uses true Physical Therapists to administer these programs.

Doctors of Physical Therapy saves our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on workers’ compensation, healthcare and related costs.

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