IA resulted in OSHA claims reduced from

39 to 6

IA Program Details

Industrial Athlete (IA) Injury Prevention Program:

Our Industrial Athlete Program (IA) is designed to educate employees in proper body mechanics that will not only help avoid injuries, but will help them avoid/reduce neck, back and shoulder pain throughout their life.

           We do an assessment, both visual and via discussions with team members/employees to determine the scope of movements in their daily job, identify unique positions employees find themselves in during their work shift and assess the tools they use. We incorporate that information into a comprehensive program on the mechanics of the body, how our body is built, how it moves, how it should not move, then show them functional stretching exercises to strengthen their body to avoid potential injury. Team members will not only be given the tools to improve their physical health and performance, but they also receive training to utilize proper body mechanics to avoid future injuries and become a safer worker.

           Our goal is to improve the team members’ physical abilities which will improve their endurance so they work safely. These tools can be incorporated into their personal life as well.

Doctors of Physical Therapy saves our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on workers’ compensation, healthcare and related costs.

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