reduction in OSHA recordables

Ergonomic Assessments

with DPT On-Site

      Our clinicians provide on-site ergonomic assessments designed to help create a work environment that enhances safety and production yet reduces injuries.

• Ergo assessments identify the root cause of the injury. We take this information and develop training programs to ensure we educate employees on how to mitigate the risk.

• When the therapist is not in the clinic treating patients, he/she is on the plant/production floor looking at how employees are performing their tasks, how they are using their everyday tools and looking for potential causes of injuries. These findings are then discussed with management and the safety team.

Specialized worksite solutions are designed specifically for your site. Our program is never cookie-cutter style.

Doctors of Physical Therapy saves our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on workers’ compensation, healthcare and related costs.

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