Our Programs

Body Mechanics

Lift with your Legs

Back Safety:

○ Place your feet shoulder-width apart. Use your legs to drop your weight downward in a vertical direction, like when sitting in a chair.
○ Keep your spine straight, head up, and buttocks down. Bend at your knees and hips, not your back.
○ Tighten your core muscles before the lift, but not so tight as to limit breathing.
○ Maintain the load you lift/carry within your power zone and close to your core.

Bend/Reach with Your Legs

Back Safety:

○ Stagger your stance. Shift your weight to the lead leg and lift the heel of your rear foot.
○ Keep your spine straight and bend at your hips and knees to limit stress on the back.

Safe Turning

Back Safety:

○ Maintain the load close to your core and within your power zone (shoulder to pocket levels). Turn using your legs and limit twisting in your back.
○ How? Step towards the direction you are moving with your lead foot. Lift the heel & pivot on the toes of your other foot. OR, pick up both feet and point them in the direction you intend to turn. Keep your nose and toes in the same direction!


Safe Positioning of the Upper Extremities

○ When lifting or reaching, keep your elbows closer to your trunk and within your power zone. Generally, if your thumbs/palms are in more of an upward position, your shoulders are in a safer position.
○ Check your thumbs, palms, and elbows. Try it! Do a "thumbs down" sign and compare it to a "thumbs up" sign.
○ Our shoulders are in a safe position when we lift and reach with both arms with elbows in and thumbs/palms up.