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Get Your Employees Back To Work Faster

with DPTOn-Site

      Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy services for the injured worker must be focused on returning them to work as soon as safely possible. We educate the patient throughout their treatment plan to aid in the prevention of future injuries. We believe it is important to have a working relationship with the medical provider of the injured worker to advance the patient to full duty as quickly as possible.

Therapists need to know the job demands of a patient for maximum rehab success.

      Our clinics do not have a “gym atmosphere” the focus is per patient, hands-on, customized treatment plans. It is the model upon which we built our company and one we steadfastly hold true.

We utilize the actual products, job tools, and work site in preparing the employee to return to work. Our program, by its nature and design, is quasi work conditioning.

  • Return to Work Management
  • Transitional Duty Management
  • Essential Functions Analyses / Functional Task Analysis
  • Work Conditioning / Work Readiness
  • Prevention Services
  • Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up. Be the drip!

A crucial element of our program is that we continually follow-up with every injured employee once they return to work to reinforce home exercise programs and safe work styles.

One can be extremely strong on an exercise machine but not have the functional strength to perform a specific job. Our therapy is based on functional, work specific rehabilitation.

Doctors of Physical Therapy saves our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on workers’ compensation, healthcare and related costs.

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